Kentucky Mom to Twins and More

Monday, December 20, 2010


Winter is in full swing here - a few inches of snow on the ground and lots of freezing temps, so of course the boy wants to go sledding.

I dread cold.

Matthew took Brayden and his little buddy Josh to Grandpa's farm to sled down the hills there. I admit, it was so cute to watch (despite Brayden whining about the cold and the snow - wonder where he'd get that?)

They were out there for at least an hour. Brrrrrr. I don't know how they can stand the cold. I remember playing out in the snow for hours when we were kids, and coming inside with frozen cheeks and runny noses, bugging dad to build a fire in the fireplace so we could roast our toes (and buns)! Such fun, cold weather memories. But I don't remember my mom yelling at us about all the snowy boots, wet socks and the struggle to get it all on/off. I fell far from that tree I guess.

Only a few more days til Christmas and Brayden sent his list to Santa the other day-- Buzz Lightyear stuff (sigh), football helmet, a monster robot, telescope, shooter guns... I think Santa will be good to him despite how 'naughty' this boy can be most days.
I remember holding my big pregnant belly last Christmas saying how these girls would probably be walking around next Christmas -- and here it is already. Mia is walking around like a little miniature dolly. Téa is trying, and she'll take your hand for a couple steps, but for now she's content with crawling 100 mph and she gets there faster than Mia walks anyway;-)

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all our family and friends.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's nearly 6 weeks til Christmas, which means about 6 weeks til my twins turn 1 year old.

What has happened to the past year!? Let me tell you - they don't sit still. That's for sure.
As I sit to write this, Mia is climbing ontop of her sister Téa (who smells of poop) while she happily drools all over daddy's books on the study shelf. Wait no.. They are both grabbing the wooden blinds, pulling them up and down as Brayden plays Buzz Lightyear in his "outside voice."

Now Téa is pounding on the French doors. Mia is eating a candle. Téa just escaped, she's headed for the stairs. Mia is crying to be held. The girls grab tufts of Keeley's fur as she tries to sit inconspicuously off to the side of the room. Mia is on the loose. Looking for brother, who bounded out in the kitchen to play Legos. Téa is under the piano. Both are crying now.

There's not much time to do anything these days! The girls are growing so fast and Brayden is already as tall as the middle of my belly. My babies are not babies for long, I'm realizing too fast.

We had pics taken at the farm a couple weeks ago. The weather was warm and beautiful, the leaves were in full color change and we used the Radio Flyer wagon from Matthew's childhood, which was a perfect touch! I'll cherish these pics I'm sure, as the girls look so cute and pudgy and sweet and Brayden's face is still the face of the little boy I know, but slowly is turning into the young man I know I'll be worried about come adolescence.

Téa cut her first tooth around Halloween, just one, on the bottom. It looks cute -- so does Mia, although she has the bottom two teeth already. Both have been pulling up on things and standing up trying to walk, but neither has really taken steps yet. I think by Christmas, for sure, they'll be on the move for good.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eight years and counting...

So today is our eight-year-wedding anniversary. Some days it feels like yesterday and other days I feel like we should be at 18 years.

This particular anniversary is a little different, as Matthew and I celebrate via phone instead of cozy on the couch watching our Tuesday night shows. With the recent bout of sickness in our house over the past week (I'm the only one who hasn't been sick!), Matthew apparently was dehydrated which caused big problems with his kidney. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning with acute renal failure. Long story short, he got sick, has no immune system to be able to fight anything off, and he stayed sick which hurt the kidney he received from his mom 15 years ago. He's getting IVs and bloodwork and hopefully the doctors will let us know soon if there is any significant damage or if he'll recover fine. We are praying for the latter!

Meantime, I sit recalling our beautifully cold wedding day on Oct. 26, 2002... the excitement of the day and the butterflies in my stomach that morning at the salon (when I realized it was real)... the packed basilica at Notre Dame filled with our family and friends, our fidgeting in front of the Blessed Mother's altar during the 'Ave Maria'! .. and our silly wedding party pictures in front of the grotto and the Saint Mary's College sign on US31.. our wedding reception guests dancing to Brass Monkey til the bitter end (and of course maybe my drinking a little too much ;-)

But most of all I remember the feeling of love in my heart for Matthew, and the anticipation of what was yet to come for us as husband and wife. I never could have imagined the struggles, the hardships, the heartbreak, the mishaps -- or the beauty we'd be in for (namely Brayden, Mia and Téa!) ...but that's what it's all about, I think.

Marriage is the hardest challenge any two people can undertake - and there have been too many times I'm sure we've thought to give up! I'm glad we didn't.
I try and remind myself that nobody - no marriage- has it easy. Just like everyone else, we have to work on our communication, our compromises, our admission of failures and our apologies.

I know eight years may seem a little meager to some, but I'm proud of us for coming this far (eight years in Hollywood Marriage Time is like 25 years)!
As I told Matthew, we ARE living the truths of our vows - to love and stand by one another in sickness and in health, good times and bad... and Lord knows we're accepting children lovingly from God, too ;-)

My anniversary prayer tonight - that God watches over and stands by us in our troubled times ... and I pray He sees us through to 18 years... 28 years... 38 years!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's "autumn fall" time, he says

Well it's already the first of October tomorrow. I can't believe that the girls are 9 mos now. I took them in for their shots today (more tears) and they are both at 17 lbs, just a few ounces off each other (we thought for sure Téa would be at least a pound heavier - she's a chunk!).

They are crawling (faster) and pulling up on everything, and the other night Mia tried lunging for the ottoman and let go - so we're sure she'll try and walk soon. Lord help me.
Mia can somewhat wave 'hi' to people, which is too cute to see.. and Matthew swears Téa said 'da da' yesterday -- which happened to be Brayden's first word too.

I figured out the source of Mia's crankyness the past few weeks - I noticed she cut her first tooth on the bottom, and I felt it with my finger, and boy that thing is sharp! We'll see if her mood improves someday once all her teeth are in, however.

Brayden and I took some friends down to papa's farm last week for a picnic day and it was so beautiful and warm and windy out. Soon the weather will be getting colder and I know we'll miss these nice days outside. Brayden noticed some of the leaves falling off the trees, and said, "mommy it's "autumn fall time!"

I had to laugh the other day when we walked to the park, and I was strolling the girls behind him as he rode his Gator and he stopped and turned around to me and said, "Nice day mommy..." and then kept driving... then he turned back and smiled and blew me a kiss. Oh, to freeze time. I tried to imbed this memory into my head as I flashed forward to a vision of him driving off in a car one day to go pick up a date or something. I know this time will not last for long.

I told him tonight at bedtime prayers that I'll miss him when he grows up, and he asked why. I said that sometimes when kids grow up they don't want to hug and snuggle their mommies anymore like this, and I he promised me he'd never do that;-)

Bray loves school and he can tell me the difference between a reptile and an amphibian, as they have learned in science class; he showed me how they made red and green "pattruns" on paper in art class and he talks about how he loves to go outside in gym class.

A new chapter is coming for us too, as I'll be headed back to work part-time at the hospital where Brayden was born doing registration work. I figured it would be good to start looking at more promising work options for when I eventually go back when the kids are in school. I fear the newspaper/writing jobs will be few and far between then - so I'm trying to expand out a bit in what I can do. I still plan to publish my books someday, I swear. I have to quit wiping butts before then.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bubble bath... failure

So, I can remember the day, way back ... before kids... when I'd take a bubble bath maybe a few times a week. I'd take a magazine and read it cover to cover, or maybe light some candles and just sit in the tub as the smell of the lavender aromatherapy crystals overcome me in my dark sanctuary.  

Yeah... not so much anymore.

Tonight after we (thought) we got the twins to bed and Matthew took Brayden downstairs, I attemped to take my first bubble bath in probably, oh I'm guessing about 9 months.
After washing away the dust from the tub, I filled it all the way with hot water and "mimosa" scent bubble bath. Oh man this is going to feel good. I need this. Mia has been screaming nonstop day and night pretty much since she emerged from the womb last year.

I step in. Ahhh. Nice and hot.

Man I need to shave my legs...

Ok after washing my face I lean against the tub. My back cracks.. again it cracks. It sounds like someone just put an ice cube in a cup of boiling water.

I close my eyes... and hear ... what else?... crying.
I tell myself, 'this is your alone time, let him take care of the kids.'
I sink lower. I try and relax, and swish what are left of the bubbles around the tub. My feet are dirty from chasing the girls - and the dog - in the grass earlier.


I tap on the tub, knowing that below me is the kitchen, and surely someone will hear that and know either I need something or he should come upstairs.


Doesn't he know they are in side-by-side cribs, and one can wake the other!?
I pound my foot on the bottom of the tub. Everything jiggles and I'm not talking about the bubbles, which pretty much have evaporated now anyway. Man I need to workout.


Well, crap.
I get out of the tub and run down the hall, dripping in a towel.

Surprisingly Mia is sleeping despite Téa sitting up howling for attention. I attempt to calm her with her paci -- she probably doesn't feel well because she had a temperature of 101 earlier. Put her back in the crib, but she's still whimpering and squirming. I'm dripping on her.

I pick her back up, walk her to the pack and play in the guest room before she wakes up The Bad One.
Too bad I never enjoyed it.

Swaying with her, my towel drops and now the air vent is blowing cold air up my naked butt and I'm freezing. I lay her down, grab my towel and sneak out.

I go halfway down the stairs to "softly yell" at someone watching tv, "CAN'T YOU HEAR HER CRYING, I'M TRYING TO TAKE A BATH!"

Someone tells me he didn't hear because he was wiping a little someone's butt downstairs.

I go back upstairs and dip back into my tub, which is now tepid and not even remotely warm at this point.

Damnit I'm going to take a bath.

Wash my hair in the coldish water. Damn I need to shave my legs, bad.


Try and pretend that I'm having a nice bath, but I'm wondering just how many minutes have to pass before it's worth it -- putting all this water in here for the sake of 'relaxation.'


The bath water is now visibly dirty and cold. I may as well be bathing in the Ohio River right now.
I pick up the razor. I do a couple lines. Dang is this razor dull.. or are my legs... errr..

Cries and whimpering.

So I'm sure you know what happens at this point.
The kids come first. I guess they always will, right? This silly 'bathtime indulgence' of the past will probably never happen again - at least not any more frequently than 9 months at a time.

I guess that's ok right now. I can live with 45 second showers (literally that's all I have time for some days).

Oh... it's about seven minutes. That is the approximate time lapse of submersion in the tub where it has been worth it and you can drain the cold, dirty water without feeling like you wasted a good $15 of the Boone County Water District's reserves.

And yes, I still need to shave my legs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school for my first born!

It's official. My 'baby' is a big boy. Cue the tears.

Today, Sept. 8, 2010, was Brayden's first day of school. It's hard to believe how fast time has flown over the past three and a half years.

It's cliche to say, I know, but it feels like yesterday when Matthew and I were rushing to the emergency room (two weeks early!) to deliver our first born on that cold January night back in 2007. How excited we were thinking that our little baby wanted a January birthday just like mommy and daddy!

Feels like yesterday when we brought him home to our little Petersburg farm house, which was so cozy after that ice /snow storm we had when he was 2 days old.

Feels like yesterday when I was a new mom fumbling with breastpumps, feeding a fussy newborn at all hours and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted without sleep for weeks (months!)

It feels like yesterday when we watched him clinging to the piano bench, then lunge in little steps toward the couch, when he walked at 10 months.

Feels like yesterday that this little babbling baby turned into a funny little toddler, who used to ask for his "gim gim" (milk) at bedtime and cling to his "fafa" (paci) at naptime.

It was yesterday that Matthew and I said, "we've got time" when we talked about how someday he'll be in school...

A month ago I put a calendar in his playroom and we crossed off the days each night... counting down until his 'big day.'

Yesterday has turned into today.. and our little boy bounded through the doors at The Childrens House Montessori in Hebron this morning with a smile, ready to tackle the world! Preschool world anyway. Which made mommy and daddy smile, too - instead of cry!

When I picked him up at lunchtime, I found him playing in the music room, learning about instruments - bells, bongos and chimes. In the car, I asked how he liked school, and he said, "I'm happy mommy, I love school!"

Music to my ears.

He'll go back tomorrow. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's only three days a week, but I know this 'yesterday' will turn into another tomorrow - two years down the line when he tackles kindergarten - or 10 years down the line when he walks through the doors of his daddy's and grandfather's alma mater, St. Xavier High School... and maybe someday when he goes to Notre Dame!!

I pray I get to see him then, I hope as I did today - with a smile - ready to tackle the world.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yankee Doodle babies

Another July 4th has passed... we went to the Fort Mitchell parade, in which daddy rode upon the Remke float throwing candy. It was hot outside but Brayden loved it, and the girls did ok despite being stuck in the stroller most of the day!

It's funny thinking back on July 4. I always loved this holiday as a kid. We used to go up to Diamond Lake in Michigan for a big family reunion bash with swimming, boating and fireworks...oh how the times have changed. Now I'm holed up inside the house with fans blowing and noise machines on full volume as I curse the fireworks outside because I don't want the kids to wake up! The girls slept ok, only waking a couple times, but there was no use trying to get Brayden down, so we went outside and did a couple sparklers at the neighbor's house and then he and I tried to catch fireflies in the back yard. Then we watched the fireworks out of the upstairs windows, with Brayden yelling, "awww! look at that one!" at nearly every single firecracker he saw. I pushed his bed against the window, too, so he laid down to sleep watching the show out the window.

For the next several nights, he has asked if he can stay up to watch fireworks again. I told him that "fireworks day" only comes once a year!

It's hard to believe that this time next year the girls will be running around !!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First day of summer 2010... in the books

Today was the longest day of the year right? It felt equally long as the past several days, since they all start around 4 a.m. for me. That's about the time when Mia decides she wants to be wide awake and ready to play. It's hard to keep my head up as I don't sleep much at night due to Light Sleeper Syndrome and the girls' Newborn Twins CryALot Syndrome.

Brayden and I have been trying to take advantage of having a morning time sitter (for the twins) to go to the pool or the park. We had his playgroup friends at the pool today and it's fun to watch them all splash and have fun and (fight) about sharing pool toys and such.

Normally the bedtime ritual involves at least one or two episodes of Caillou (see pic) however, tonight he watched Toy Story 2 for the umpteenth time (thank God for DVR), then we read a book in his bed together. I spent extra time with him tonight since lately I feel like he's growing up so fast and I'm realizing that soon I won't be 'allowed' to lay in bed with him and hold his hand. I told him tonight, "I remember when you were just a baby in my tummy," and he said, "I hope I didn't cry a lot in there."

He says so many funny, innocent things that I wish I had a recorder on him all the time. Some days he's unbearable, but most other days he's unbearably loveable;-)

I left his room tonight and he said, "you're a pretty momma... love you big momma."

My heart melts... no boy I could love more than this one! 

The little writer that could...

Well, I guess the writer in me just can't be stifled. I thought it appropriate to start a blog (I almost typed (blob') about life these days as a "retired" reporter at home with three kids. I've been slacking on my journal writing lately (something I did diligently all my life -- I have diaries dating back to 1982), so I thought this would be easy to get my thoughts jotted down ... since any spare time I have is usually spent in our home office doing bills, work or checking the computer.
All the people I love!
I know life is short, so I want to document as much as I can now, when the kids are little and fun and say the silliest things.
I have a feeling I'm going to wake up one day - old and gray - and wonder what the heck happened to the life that just passed me by!
So hopefully with this blog, I'll be able to keep touch better with our friends and family and share some of the goings on here in Kentucky ... thanks for checking in with us!