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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Enjoy that bikini now, girl

I saw you on the beach last week. I know you saw me. A couple of times we uncomfortably locked eyes. Both of us found ourselves lucky enough to be enjoying spring break on a sandy, white Florida beach. Yet both of us were worlds apart... or so it may seem. 
I am here to tell you - actually to warn you - we really aren't that far off.

You see, I was you just 20 or so lightning-fast years ago. I too, had that skimpy white bikini and long, dark hair that stuck to my sun-kissed back after I emerged from the ocean. My thighs barely touched, and I had boobs - pre-breastfeeding, non-fake ones that only exist in some unicorn fantasy world. I laughed, goofed off with my girlfriends, played beach volleyball and flirted with boys. 

...I know you only see a cumbersome mom of four pushing this beach cart with a mountainload of sand toys, umbrellas, towels, pool noodles and a tired attitude, but I wasn't always 'her.' It's cliche to say, I know, but it really was just yesterday that I was you. Some mothers wear the "mom badge" with pride - the belly, the stretch marks, the C-section scar - she will say she's earned all that. I agree, we did, and I wouldn't trade my kids for anything. BUT, I can't say that I wouldn't trade just one day to go back and be in your sandals again... 

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