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Friday, August 11, 2017

Countdown til Back to School: 5 Survival Tips

If any of you moms are like me, the final weeks of summer leading up to that glorious return to school have got you feeling like you are running the longest, sweatiest marathon - a marathon in which there are no cups of water lovingly shoved in your face when you need refreshing. Some of us want to faint and give up - but we can't because we know the other runners will literally trample our bodies. That's what the last few days of summer can feel like for mothers of little ones.

The kids are bored. You know this, because they've only said it about eleventeenthousand times.

I know you are exhausted. Me too. So here's where we need to help each other. We need to ask fellow moms, sisters, our faraway Facebook family members whose kids are grown (the ones who tell us they'd "give anything to have their little ones back home)." Ok then, I'm asking you, tell me what to do with them. Because at this point, anything is better than the Nick Jr. marathons I find myself turning on during these waning summer days.

It's raining marshmallows: because let's face it - you're out of ideas
In the meantime, here are a couple of my own suggestions for anyone who might be struggling with ideas for the kids before we send them off to school for nine months. Here are my easy go-tos for keeping the kids occupied at least a fraction of the day when you just can't think of anything else.

Let's finish this marathon to back-to-school together, y'all. Pinterest, eat your heart out.


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